David is now taking on a limited number of new 1-to-1 meditation students for monthly Skype sessions. Students from all levels are welcome. The only requirement is a sincere intention to practice and study, and a commitment to work together for a minimum of 3 months. The fee of $150 per month includes a 1 hour session together with email follow-up. Within this arrangement David will assist and guide you with your practice and study and application to everyday living.

One-time meetings are also available as David’s schedule allows.

Please email for more information or to schedule appointments.



Comments from personal students:


“I’ve been Skyping with David once a month for almost three years now, and while we’ve changed course many times along the way, keeping pace with changing interests and life circumstances, the overall trajectory has been in the direction of a steady deepening of my practice. As a medical physician, I often find myself in emotionally challenging situations, and I’m grateful for David’s constant presence in my life, his encouragement and support.”
Jude T.

“David has been my meditation instructor for several years. He has been open, warm, and compassionate yet clear and direct. He has a wonderful sense of humor and his lightness has helped me to lighten up. David has been an immense help to me both in understanding the Dharma and in my ongoing meditation practice.” –Marc H.

“I met David 3 yrs ago at a time where I was seriously ill and had lost my father. He has been my mentor and teacher, gently guiding me along this path of self discovery, sharing his experience, knowledge and wisdom so that I may be more present and awake. I’m privileged to know him and be able to pass on the teachings to benefit others.” –Beth M.

“David’s personal instruction is fantastic. Working with him has both deepened my practice, and increased my awareness throughout my life. His meditation instruction goes far beyond just time on the cushion. It’s like having a life mentor, who meets me right where I am, and works with all aspects of where I want to go.” –Rebecca C.

“I love my meditation instructor, David Nichtern. He always seems to know when I am slipping, why I am slipping, and how to get me back on the cushion. Thanks, David!” –Melanie S.

“Studying with David has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. Studying with him has taught me that I can trust myself, that I can afford to be who I am, and that I can help uplift this world because this world is worth uplifting.” –Rebecca D.