Sheldon, a successful 45 year old accountant from Long Island, has a midlife crisis …

His kids now in college, his wife leaves him for another woman.

Dazed and confused, he decides he is going to quit his job, and fulfill a lifelong dream to visit Japan …

He goes to Tokyo and has many adventures, all kinds of exciting new cuisine, Geishas, Zen Temples, robots, Sumo, Kabuki, etc.

Along the way he meets a 40 ish bilingual Japanese woman named Sumi who is an HR director for a big Japanese corporation.

On her own time she has cultivated many traditional Japanese arts including tea and flower arranging. She is a beguiling mix of ancient and modern Japan. Sheldon falls in love.

After a wonderful romantic period, Sumi pulls back. It would be a big deal for her more traditional Japanese family to accept her marrying an American and she tells Sheldon she can’t continue.

Sheldon, broken hearted again, but also realizing that she might be right, goes back to America. His nice Jewish Mother consoles him. His divorce is now final. He is back but not completely.

In a fit of rebellion he decides to go back to Japan, and decides that after all these years, love, romance and marriage are not going to work for him. Didn’t the BUDDHA leave his home and become a monk and find peace and happiness?

Sheldon goes to a Zen monastery in Kyoto and joins the order.

After 5 months there he is losing his mind completely. This is not working out either. The head monk says he has a visitor.

It’s Sumi! She wants him back. They’ll figure it out. Come back to Tokyo and we’ll give it a shot … but first they’ll go to Long Island and she can meet his mother and his kids. They love each other. They’ll figure it out.