Who Is Sitting On My Cushion? (Part 1)

At a Weekly Dharma Gathering at the NY Shambhala Center, David leads a guided meditation on looking for the "self".

Who Is Sitting On My Cushion? (Part 2)

After guiding a meditation based on finding the self, David discusses with students at the New York Shambhala Center what they found.

Connecting With Awakened Heart

Here is a short clip of David Nichtern teaching at OM yoga in NYC about how we connect with bodhichitta or awakened heart during mediation practice.

Meditation Without Goals

In a talk at the New York City Shambhala Center, David discusses meeting our minds in meditation without judgement or bias.

Meditation Is A Blunt Instrument

With his usual wit and humor, David discusses the feelings of sensitivity and vulnerability that arise when one begins a regular meditation practice...