Bias Yourself Towards Awareness, Not Resolution

During a guest lecture at The Interdependence Project in New York City, David discusses how it is important to become familiar with the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of ourselves.…

Connecting With Awakened Heart & Mind

Here is a short clip of David Nichtern teaching about how we connect with bodhichitta or awakened heart or mind during meditation practice.

Meditation Is A Blunt Instrument

With his usual wit and humor, David discusses the feelings of sensitivity and vulnerability that arise when one begins a regular meditation practice.

Meditation Without Goals

In a talk at the New York City Shambhala Center, David discusses meeting our minds in meditation without judgment or bias.

Who Is Sitting On My Cushion? (Part 1)

At a Weekly Dharma Gathering at the NY Shambhala Center, David leads a guided meditation on looking for the "self".